Author, John G. Geier, Ph.D.

Dr. John G. Geier, Ph.D. is the originator and founder of DiSC Personal Profile System, first developed in 1958.

Dr. John Geier, founder of international consultant networks and Geier Learning International, has researched work behavioral competencies for more than forty years. His distinguished career includes the influential positions of: Director of Behavioral Sciences, University of Minnesota, Visiting Professor University of Wisconsin, Dean of the Extended University, University of Arizona, Adjunct Professor of Graduate School of Business, at the University of Michigan where he taught thousands of managers in the internationally renowned "Manager of Managers" seminar. He is the author of a number of works including the landmark books, Energetics of Personality, Career Fulfillment, and Behavior Personality Analysis.

Dr. Geier further explained human personality through the use of D-I-S-C and the integration of temperament, character and behavior. His original work is the only one that is rooted in the earlier contested work of William Moulton Marston (1893-1947). Dr. Geier's research efforts brought credibility to Marston's theory, in the use of Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance. To ensure the recognition of Dr. Marston's efforts, Dr. Geier acquired the copyright of Marston's collected works from his widow, and wrote a comprehensive introduction to support the perceived trait approach in describing human relationships.

As scholar, educator, and business executive, Dr. Geier positioned DiSC as the flagship of his many assessment materials. He founded Performax, Inc. as a learning company to publish assessment tools and to develop concepts in the training of over 25 million people throughout the world. In the late 1970’s Carlson Company purchased Performax, Inc. It became the key entity of the newly founded Carlson Learning Center, of which Dr. Geier was the first President and CEO.

Dissatisfied with the limitations of the existing DISC instruments and their specificity for the workplace, Dr. Geier formed Geier Learning Systems in 1990 to once again take a large step forward. He has since developed a wide range of DISC based assessments including: Geier's Personality-3 Profile™, Job Perception Inventory™, Personality Factor Profile™, D-Picto™ Facial and Vocal Mannerisms, DISC Intendo Cards™, Spiritual Gifts Profile System™, Heart Desire Index™ Report, and the new Star Performance System™ Series—Benchmark Report™, Applicant/Employee Quick Scan Report™, Comparative Analysis Report™, and Performance Action Report™.

Dr. Geier, as a pioneer in human assessment, continues today as the creative source for enhancement of ongoing assessment development. He embodies the principle of endless improvement—moving beyond his earlier work to include descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive assessment His work/life reports are unsurpassed. Their validity and reliability reflect the meticulousness of his university-based research. Their international acceptance attests to their accuracy, user friendliness, and efficiency. The DiSC Personal Profile System and Personality Factor Profile have been used by more than 50,000,000 people worldwide.

Dr. John Geier again leads the world of human assessment helping others to achieve the advantages of measuring attitudes, predicting human behaviors, identifying personal performance potential in a task or leadership position, and modifying the culture for improved organizational productivity.