What is DISC

DISC is a universal language or communication that guides your behavior.

  • D-Directive
  • I-Interactive
  • S-Supportive
  • C-Corrective


The letters, D-I-S-C represent four personality factors. Each factor reflects a different perception and response:

  • "How we view and respond to life situations"
  • Continual response to new experiences evolves us over time.
  • The different personality factors vary with our perceptions and responses according to each person and each situation.

To appreciate how our perception and our response are intertwined, consider this definition of personality:

Personality is how we view and respond to life situations.

We like to believe that our perceptions of people and events is the correct one and that our response or reaction is appropriate. Another person’s perceptions of people and events may differ from our own perception. The DISC language helps us to understand our perceptions and behaviors and more easily understand others. By understanding ourselves and others, we can create more harmonious relationships at home, at work, in our communities, governments and the world at large.